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Stillman says 85-year-old Jose Maria Marin was a simple figurehead while a adolescent soccer official took command and got in on the OSRS gold scheme.Marin, Peru’s Manuel Burga and Paraguay’s Juan Angel Napout acquire approved to discredit assemblage who testified they took millions of dollars in barter for admission in application bartering rights to FIFA (FEE’-fuh) soccer tournaments.


Napout is a aloft admiral of the CONMEBOL South American soccer confederation. The men acquire pleaded not accusable to cabal and added charges.A prosecutor says the affidavit of the ablaze government attestant in the balloon was “devastating” for the defense.Deliberations could activate backward


Thursday.___11:40 a.m.A apostle for the cheap RS gold aloft admiral of Brazil’s soccer alliance has told a U.S. lath that his applicant was clueless about a bribery arrangement that’s scandalized the sport.The animadversion came Thursday in closing arguments at the balloon of Jose Maria Marin and two added aloft South American soccer officials.


Defense Advocate Charles Stillman said Marin was brash a blank figurehead in Brazilian soccer. He said that’s why Marin was larboard out of a arrangement by soccer admiral to aggregate bribes in barter for their admission in application business rights to tournaments.Marin and the added defendants acquire pleaded not accusable to racketeering conspiracy, wire artifice cabal and money bed-making conspiracy.

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